The late 19th century was marked by a very serious event : the crisis of Phylloxera.
This aphid, imported from the United States has destroyed within a few years a very large part of the French vineyard.
The only solution to fight this plague was to graft the aerial parts of European wines into the American vine roots, resistant to aphid bites.
In order to obtain the full features of the wines before the appearance of Phylloxera, Xavier Belliard decided to graft the original rootstock on the current vine strain stock. This will enable you to rediscover the original taste of the wines of the past and the characteristics of each grape variety. Enjoy your evenings with friends by creating your own wine. A wine that corresponds to your taste by assembling each variety contained in this box.

Here is the breakdown
1- Cabernet Franc : 2- Cabernet Sauvignon : 3- Petit Verdot : 4 – Merlot : 5- Malbec : 6- Carmenere

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Grafting with restistant rootstock
Make a diagonal incision about 1 4 deep, just into the cambium, one each on either side of the trunk near the base, to allow the vine to “This must be done before the graft is made, since there is a likelihood that the pressure from sap flow will push the graft out A fine toothed hand pruning saw is adequate for making these simple cuts.

Picture four illustrates a grafted vine with the cabernet visible as the darker wood above the graft union and the rootstock variety below.
Picture five shows the scion being taped Xavier uses a special 1 wide grafting tape to carefully, yet firmly tape the graft into place The tape can stay in place until it breaks down from weathering.
In other words, the grafting of vines is also carried out because the roots of one type of grape vine might be better suited for a particular type of soil, or they might be more disease resistant than another Or the grapes of a different varietal might be favored for making a preferred style of wine, so the grape vine is grafted onto suitable rootstock for a particular location or terroir.