XO Cognac Hors d’âge

XO Cognac Hors d’âge


100 % pure Grand Champagne, 1st Cru de Cognac.

Presentation :
700ml bottle in wooden FV gift box
700ml Decanter from the famous french crystalware
‘‘Cristallerie de Sèvre’’ – hand crafted.
Wooden gift case with 2 glasses.

Composition :
Blended eaux-de-vie 40 to 60 years old

Ageing / Blending :
Matured in new limousin oak casks with a medium interior toasted for 3 years. Ageing continues in old barrels stored in a damp cellar. Progressive reduction with distilled water while decreasing the alcohol volume by natural evaporation.

Tasting notes
Color: Dark Amber
Bouquet: This special cognac embraces the quintessential flavors of the Grand Champagne. It is a symphony, a musical score of refined notes such as coffee, chocolate, wax, leather, cloves and cinnamon.
Taste: The complexity of this cognac lies in the mists of your imagination, so that even after many minutes on the palate, new flavors are still being exposed and unearthed; dark truffles, woodland berries, spicy pepper and warm vanilla.
The complexities are beyond imagination and the aftertaste is staggering; so take a trip into the dark and fiery heart of the Grand Champagne.
How to Enjoy: This Cognac requires a delicate taste. It has to be enjoyed slowly. Serve a glass and let it stand out for a quarter of an hour before tasting. Sip it slowly and let the bouquet and flavors unfold and develop on your palate.

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